Full Circle: A Happy Times Comeback!

It’s been ten months since I last posted here; ten long months of trying to come back but never being able to.  Since then, my life has been crazy, weird, and busy.  It was filled with happy times, but I never felt the desire to log in and tell my stories.  Or maybe it was the somber note I left off on.

I thought long and hard about how I could make that comeback and what I would write about.  It was one sunny Saturday afternoon while I was away on a day trip when it hit me: Christine’s wedding.  When I last wrote, I told the story of my long-time friendship with Christine and how our dear friend Beth’s death brought us closer than ever.

So now here I am, reflecting on a glorious (and snowy!) long weekend in Minnesota, feeling like I came full circle.  The wedding was amazing and filled with emotion; from the absence of Beth, to the victory of Christine’s twice-cancer-surviving father walking her down the aisle, it was a tear-jerker.

Christine had told me that if Beth were alive today, she would have been a part of the wedding party.  A couple of months ago we put our heads together to try to think of a way we could include her on Christine’s special day.  Christine’s idea was to visit the cemetery together the day before the wedding and place an “honorary bridesmaid” bouquet on her grave.  My idea was to make small frames with her photo and tie them into our bouquets on the day of the wedding.  We decided to do both.

I’ll never forget the moment the music started playing before we walked down the aisle.  I clenched my bouquet and the gent at my side, took a long look at the smiling face in a tiny frame staring back at me and headed down the aisle.  I truly felt like Beth was walking beside me, ready to celebrate this day with our amazing friend.


We weren’t able to make it to the cemetery the day before the wedding but Christine and Sam made the stop on Sunday.  She separated the bouquet and placed flowers on four graves: Ed, Ann, Jake, and Beth.  I can only imagine how loved Beth and her family must feel, wherever they are, knowing they will never be forgotten.  I couldn’t forget them if I tried.

As a last word, I just want to throw a shout out to Christine.  You inspired (but actually forced) me to start this website, you have been my rock through one of the toughest obstacles in my life, and you are the reason I am back on this site today, a site I have called “home” for over two years.  Love to you and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of your wedding day!