The Price is Wrong, Bitch

A couple of months ago my mom and I were discussing activities for her LA visit this month.  She has been to LA countless times so I knew I wasn’t going to hear… Continue reading

Full Circle: A Happy Times Comeback!

It’s been ten months since I last posted here; ten long months of trying to come back but never being able to.  Since then, my life has been crazy, weird, and busy.  It… Continue reading

The Things We Learn From The Ones We’ve Lost

Everyone loves summer and anticipates it every year. Summer means more outdoor activities, sunny days, and my favorite holiday, the Fourth of July.  But for me, summer also holds a certain unwelcome anticipation,… Continue reading

Mountain Euphoria

I stood on my tippy toes peering into my storage locker in the garage, a giant smile unconsciously spread across my face.   I squinted through the dark space at the camping gear that… Continue reading

Moving In and Letting Go

The day had finally arrived and I couldn’t have been happier.  My brother drove my rented truck solo 2,000 miles from Woodbury to my new home in West LA earlier this month.  He… Continue reading

Nomad No More

517: the number of nights I spent sleeping on beds that weren’t mine, couches, air mattresses, pillows, cushions, sleeping pads, yoga mats, tents, and even once in my car This fact became more… Continue reading

I Dream of Art

It’s funny how dreams work.  Some things you can understand and compare to your life, while others are just complete nonsense.  My dreams are incredibly vivid, they pull me into a whirlwind of… Continue reading

Three Girls, an RV, and a Dream

Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference with a simple random act of kindness?  Have you felt that no one will notice or that your small step isn’t big enough… Continue reading